Polaar Intensive Anti-Ageing Care

Little known in the UK but quickly growing, Polaar Skinethics for Men is enjoying huge success across Europe and beyond. Without the multi-million $ budgets of brands like Clinique and Lab Series from Estee Lauder, or Biotherm Homme from L’Oreal – one way in which a brand can earn success and not buy it, is through the creation of genuinely excellent products. Word of Mouth if you will. Polaar is a brand which epitomises this, and its hard work is beginning to pay off. It would be interesting to hear any complaints about Polaar, I can’t imagine there are many, if any men who have a bad word to say about the brand.

Anyway, the reason for this post – Polaar, have just released their highly anticipated Intensive Anti-Ageing Care – a moisturiser, for men, to address the specific concerns of ageing.

As with most Polaar formulations, they have innovated. Here, they have created PPNF3 Antarctica – courtesy of much research. PPNF3, a polypeptide is synthesised from a micro-organism discovered in a glacier located in Admiral’s bay in the Antarctic. In its natural environment, PPNF3 has developed exceptional abilities to survive extreme conditions. The genius part – it acts on all of the skin’s layers to ensure an anti-wrinkle effect, not just upper layers. It produces an extra-cellular matrix that withstands cold, retains water and has extraordinary regenerating properties.

Use Twice Daily for 1 Month

  • Reinforced anti-wrinkle action: PPNF3
  • Reinforced firming action: Activderm
  • Reinforced lifting action: liftskin express

An Activederm Complex, formulated with brown seaweed from the polar seas and combined with polyphenols, mannitol, ceramids, trace elements and minerals is a powerful redensifyer which yields visibly firmer skin and redefined facial contours.

The magic continues, with a ‘Liftskin express complex’ – formulated with marine plankton galactose and galacturonic acid. A high molecular weight, fills lines and smoothes the skin in 15 minutes.

To summarise, Polaar Intensive Anti-Ageing Care is the first Polaar with a triple anti-ageing action: anti-wrinkles, firming action, moisturising action – correcting all signs of ageing. And generally, it maintains the quality of men’s skin by fighting off daily aggressions. Use this ultra-light textured formula day and night for hydration, long-term anti-ageing and instantly lifted skin.


Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.