Today we continue the German-made Merkur razor story with a jump to one of their newest razor designs, the Merkur ‘Alu’. Released in 2009 the Merkur Alu features an easy to grip oversized handle made of aluminium (hence the name) with the classic chrome plated screw head. The razor weighs 3.7oz; although heavier than some the classics razors (Merkur HD 34C Classic 2.4 oz), its lighter than its modern family (Merkur Futur 4.75oz, the Vision 5.5oz). The result is a razor that’s comfortable to the grip and feels solid in the hand and with the Classic Merkur razor head, gives a classic Merkur shave.

The Alu comes in striking red and blue designs and is a sign of intent from the Merkur Design team to take safety razor design to the next level. For more info on how the Alu performs visit the Leisureguy’s Blog.