Legendary Italian shaving brand Proraso, founded in Florence in 1948 have ever-since been building a reputation for affordable quality with Italian heritage and style. From shaving soaps and cream to shaving brushes and post-shave treatments, Proraso continue to evolve with introduction of new lines for varying skin concerns. Last year welcomed their blue Protective range and red Shea Butter range. 2015, the year of the beard- brings, naturally, a bear care collection.

The four-product lineup includes a hair softening Beard Balm (£12.50/ 100ml), a Beard Oil (£12.50/ 30ml) which prevents drying and ensures optimal conditioning, a Beard Hot Oil Treatment (£12.50/ 4 x 17ml) to intensely nourish coarse or dry beards and finally a Moustache Wax (£8.50/ 15ml) to style and add definition to a moustache.

With a plethora of beard care products hitting the market right now, along with Mr Natty and Billy Jealousy, Proraso is right up there and affordable too.