Proraso Shaving

Right on the cusp of an economic boom, Founder Piero Martelli unveiled Proraso Pre Shave Cream in early 1948 to the astounding joy of his inaugural customer base. Embodying the new renaissance that was spreading throughout large pockets of Italy, Proraso products helped contribute to the fresh new approach to grooming and styling that swept the nation.

Proud keepers of the flame – so to speak, the Italian based brand continues to remain unapologetically committed to tradition and excellence – characteristics that have adorned themselves to their broad and feverishly devoted following. Showcasing an unwavering belief in the core product, the shaving brand continues to utilise the same formula that has garnered much of their successes.

Faithful to its humble beginnings, Proraso has and will continue to sing the praises of the professional Barber. Acknowledging the environment that first housed their initial product line, the shaving brand credits professional Barber establishments as the sole keeper of the noble art concerning traditional shaving.

Boasting a range of products that aid in grooming thick and unruly type beards, addressing hydration issues all whilst helping soothe sensitive skin, Proraso pride themselves in offering suitable products for every man’s shaving needs. Adorned in various fragrant accents of menthol, eucalyptus, lime, apple, sandalwood, amber and musk – your sense of smell will only prove to enhance your daily grooming ritual.

Lending itself to the brand’s ethos, Proraso remains devoted to the use of natural ingredients, integrity of research and a deep-rooted respect for heritage – traits not lost on their clientele.