Puma x FC Herzo

For Autumn/ Winter 2016 Puma have teamed up with 1. FC Herzogenaurach, a German Association football club from Puma’s hometown in Bavaria to create a lifestyle collection celebrating the town and surrounding geography, as well as German football legend, Lothar Matthäus.

Puma and 1. FC Herzo have a longstanding and intertwined history for obvious geographical reasons. The collaboration reminds us of Nike’s F.C.Real Bristol range designed by Sophnet of Japan, except with a real-world football team and not an imaginary one.

It’s easy to place Puma behind Nike and adidas in the lifestyle stakes but the brand rarely holds back when it comes to design and innovation and their collaboration with 1. FC Herzo is no exception. Integrating a fresh graphic language and innovative technology, the collection champions both street style and sport performance.

Drawing inspiration from the 1. FC Herzo’s roots, the collection features Mazarine Blue in the colour palette and a camouflage pattern developed from the local geography of both Herzogenaurach and the surrounding Erlangen-Höchstadt district.

Key footwear in the collection is the Duplex Evo 1.FCH, which combines Puma’s lightweight running shoe with the collection’s graphics and colour palette. The Puma x 1.FCH Savannah is the standout clothing piece, inspired by the original T7 Savannah, popular with both sportsmen and streetwear enthusiasts.

Other items include a hood that can be easily packed away, a practical jacket for a workout and everyday wear, a Puma x 1.FCH. Techy FZ Hoody, functional and basic Tees and 2-1 Shorts. These key styles are available in the full camo print for the Ape in you, as well as a more understated colourway for the Gentleman amongst us.

The Puma.com x FC Herzo collaboration will be available from 14th September 2016.