PUMA x Usain Bolt Legacy Spikes

Global sports brand Puma are commemorating Usain Bolt’s legendary track and field career with a new pair of running boots, the Bolt Legacy Spikes.

The spikes mark Bolt’s journey as an athlete across his long and illustrious career, and the world-renowned Jamaican sprinter will wear the boots for his final race in London.

Usain’s parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt, gifted their son his first pair of spikes when he began running on the track, and they made a surprise appearance in London to hand him the final pair of his professional career as well.


The Bolt Legacy Spikes are made exclusively for London, and include design details from key moments in his career. The right shoe is labeled “Forever” and has the alpha symbol to represent the beginning of his journey as an athlete, and is coloured in the purple and green of William Knibb High School, where he first started on the track.

The left shoe is labeled “Fastest” and has the omega symbol to represent the finish of his career. This shoe is coloured gold to represent his successes and achievements since the beginning of his career in 2002.

The tongue of the spikes have Usain’s signature and the mark of his classic pose embossed, and the Jamaican flag is also incorporated to show the love he has for his home country.


“Usain Bolt has been a transformative figure for track & field and brought a type of energy that the sport has never seen before. The way he has stayed true to his core messages, family, and fans the whole time has been what’s really resonated with people all around the globe. We are proud to have been working with Usain for so many years now and our partnership will continue long after his race.” -Bjoern Gulden, PUMA CEO.

The Bolt Legacy Spikes, available from select retailers, by PUMA

Jack Lenton

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