Punkt. MP 01 (white and brown)

Sometimes simplicity is invaluable, this is why Punkt. created the MP 01 mobile phone which provides an elementary alternative to the modern smartphone, inside and out.

The phone first launched last Autumn but Punkt. are now presenting additional colour-ways in white and brown, complementing perfectly the stylish yet sophisticated design. While the colours are still considerably low-key, they do enough to intrigue the human eye.

It’s clear that Punkt. have put a lot of creative thought into the new choices of colour. The white adds a certain elegance due to its stark contrast from the robust and straightforward design of the phone. The MP 01 in brown, on the other hand, looks effortlessly slick.

The MP 01 centres around two core functions – calling and texting – reminding gentleman that the physical world is the one that matters most. However, this isn’t your typical out of date mass-produced handset.

Punkt. have elevated themselves a level higher than this by using premium materials and keeping high standards of production. The MP 01 is comfortable to hold and extremely durable yet still manages to hold a certain level of class due to its bold simplicity.

The new colour-ways will be officially unveiled at the London Design Festival which runs from 17-25th September 2016.