Leica SOFORT Instant Camera

To be honest, we can’t decide of this is gentleman worthy or not but camera legends Leica have just released a new instant film camera named SOFORT.

Available in orange, mint and classic white at £215 it unites the retro-modern world of instant photography with the quality and originality of the Leica brand. Light weight and compact in size, the Leica SOFORT is ideal for travel companion and for framing any impromptu moments, anywhere- think festivals and gigs to Christmas parties and weddings.

Choose from Auto, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro modes as well as creative programmes for multiple and timed exposures. There is even a special mode for self-portraits, as well as a self-timer with two different time delay settings- for those who like a selfie. The SOFORT will automatically adapt its settings, such as exposure time and aperture, to the mode selected.

Buy colour film or monochrome to print photographs there and then- framed with a cream-coloured border. Colour and monochrome films will both be available in packs of 10 exposures, and colour film will also be offered in double packs (20 pictures).

As before- we aren’t sure where this sits in a gentleman’s photographic arsenal- a long way beneath a dSLR and your smartphone. A gimmick perhaps- but a keepsake instant-print could be quite useful (and cool?) from time to time.