Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

New from tech-giants Sony; the MDR-1000X Headphones, designed to deliver distraction free sound.

Continuously adjusting the volume of your headphones to suit the environment or situation you are in can become tiresome after a while, but this is where the MDR-1000X headphones come in. They remove external noise-nuisance by allowing users to tailor the included noise cancelling feature to their own preferences using the ‘Personal NC Optimiser’.

Another issue with headphones is having to repeatably remove and replace them as people try to talk to you but Sony’s new wireless headphones are loaded with ‘Quick Attention’ mode which lets you reduce the volume of your music by placing a palm to the outside of the headphone ear cup; making a conversation easy, without having to take off the headset.

The Sony MDR-1000X will be available from during October 2016 priced £300.