Punkt. MP 01

History seems to be repeating itself this season, as Swiss technology company Punkt. introduces its latest product; the MP 01 mobile phone.


Punkt. technology are taking things back to basics with this simple mobile phone which intends to relieve its users of the constant flow of updates that come with smartphones.

The Punkt. mobile focuses on simplicity as it only performs the key functions of calling and texting; removing the distractions of apps, updates and games and allowing its users to get down to business quicker.

This SIM free quad-band GSM mobile phones can achieve basic service anywhere in the world. The device works with a GSM supported micro-sim but also comes with a Nano-sim adapter, making it easily convertible.

As well as this, the Punkt. mobile phone doesn’t carry the short-battery life concerns than many of todays mobiles phone do. Unlike its competitors who need to be charged daily, Punkt. MP OI only needs to be charged for two hours a couple of times a month to perform efficiently and effectively.

As well as the Punkt. MP 01 handset, buyers also receive:

  • A Micro USB charger
  • Micro USB cable
  • Micro USB headphones
  • Micro USB to 3.5 converter
  • SIM adapter
  • SIM tray opener pin

Not only is the concept of the phone kept simple but the design of the mobile is also very minimalistic. Made with Gorilla glass, the Punkt. handset is durable whilst its direct function keys and a text based interface make it easy to navigate; whilst its moulded back make it comfortable to hold.

So if you’re looking for a  escape from cyberspace, then the Punkt. MP 01 might be just what you need.