Recipe for Men – Logical Skincare

There’s something instantly interesting about a brand formed out of necessity, and Recipe for Men is one of them. Harsh Scandinavian winters were the testing ground for Recipe – and their philosophy; not false promises or exaggerated claims but a simple promise that your skin will look and feel, fresher and smoother.

Stockholm more specifically is where Recipe for Men heralds from, a city where particularly in the winter men’s skin is subject to extremely cold and dry air. Combine this with general city pollution and you have an aggressive cocktail to protect skin against.

Recipe for Men promise the finest ingredients and oil-free formulas in simple, stylish and manly packaging. We tested the Facial Cleanser, Moisturiser and Under Eye Gel – all of which where good products. Rumour has it, the Under Eye Patches are pretty special – designed to transcend tired looking eyes. Take a look at their website (address below) to see some of the remarkable ingredients Recipe use.