Relish Broadband

In partnership with Relish Broadband

While modern technology continues to advance at a staggering rate, broadband seemingly struggles to keep up. Whether you have suffered at the hands of an internet provider’s lengthy connection wait time, or taken a day off work so engineers can install broadband in your home -you’ll understand this frustration.

Recently, Ape was made aware of Relish broadband, which has been helping Londoners get online quickly, easily and hassle free since 2014. The broadband provider has been revolutionising the way central London gets connected, one of the ways Relish is doing this is with its same day service – the first of its kind for consumers in the capital. A game changing service that allows you to order your Relish hub by 2pm (for a one-off £20 delivery fee) and get it by 7pm the same working day. Alternatively, you can order next day (Monday – Friday) for free.

Relish caters perfectly to the busy, on-the-go lifestyles of those living in London, as once received all you need to do is plug it in to the mains and play. Easy! Relish’s service essentially means you can order in the morning, and be online the same evening. Who doesn’t want that?!

As Relish finds delivering broadband so easy, to celebrate the launch of the service in Camden they did it on a pogo stick! Unfortunately, this isn’t a full-time service they’re planning on rolling out any time soon, but for those living in Camden it marked the end of waiting weeks for internet installation.


What’s more, with many of us not wanting to commit to long-term contracts  (i.e. if you’re a pop-up renting a space for just a few months) Relish offers unlimited wireless broadband with flexible, rolling contracts, which means you can sign up for one month or 12 month contracts– all for £20 a month (one-month contracts come with a one-off cost for £50 for the hub). AND there’s no need for a useless landlines – again, revolutionary.

Once covering quite a small area of London, excitingly, Relish continues to expand across the capital – and the recent launch in Camden means there’s another borough of London that gets to benefit from the service.

It’s easy, hassle free… and ticks all the boxes. Take a look at Relish’s website now for more information and to check to see if they are in your area. Ape Approved.