Rivello Leather

In the Tuscan hills near Florence lies the small artisan workshop of Rivello Leather. Keeping true to age old traditions in leather making, Rivello Leather produced a variety of briefcases, messenger bags and luggage using local vegetable tanned hides. They offer a classic feel with timeless appeal.


We’ve been using the Suit & Garment Bag as well as the Holdall the past few weeks. Offering classic looks, the holdall has ample space for carrying essential items overnight items such as grooming products and extra layers. The Suit & Garment Bag has several compartments including the main suit compartment where there are two hangers to place suits and trousers. We found that we could pack at least three outfits and with the additional storage you can comfortably take toiletries and gadgets for a mid-length trip. It’s suprisingly spacious despite it’s slim look and you can carry all your travel essentials as well as magazines. With a hanging hook neatly tucked on the underbelly it’s easy to hang once arrived at your destination. The leather handle gives using the bag a nice and classic feel.

“These traditional products are made in a modern environment, using traditional designs with an up-to-date edge. All the hides are locally sourced top grain leather and tanned using an eco-friendly traditional vegetable tanning process.”

Another of our favourites are the Gladstone bag that is perfectly versatile and can be used for a variety of everyday uses as well as leisure or business trips. The classic holdall and cabin suit and garment bag are perfect for frequent fliers or adventurers. All of Rivello Luggage’s bags are strong and durable made with exquisite calf leathers. All stress points are both stitched and riveted and trimmings are in a classic antique styled brass finishes. All this adds to the charm of what can become an even more beautiful item once aged with good wear over years of usage.

Top frame Gladstone hand luggage

Rivello Leather pride themselves on the detail of traditional design and durability of they produce. They aim to bring the same sort of joy as they feel when making their luggage to their customer by offering items of Italian leather making perfection.


Chris Chasseaud

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