Royal Salute: The Age Collection

Combining timeless tradition with contemporary understanding, Royal Salute introduces The Age Collection – a celebration of longevity and dedication in the year Queen Elizabeth becomes Britain’s longest serving monarch. Premium Whisky Brand Royal Salute have created a unique and exclusive set of 10 blends  – each blend is 21 years or older in age. Worth £25,000 they have been limited to 21 sets worldwide.

Royal Salute’s Master Blender has carefully chosen the best from Royal Salute’s prized collection of fine aged whiskies to create ten subtle blends of ten different ages to mark this historic achievement.

The youngest blend contains only whiskies 21 years or older. The ten blends ascend, year by year, to 30 years old – with each telling its own story, from the blend of whiskies created in long closed distilleries.  The collection comes mounted on a rare handcrafted plinth, carved from 8,000 year old Neolithic wood, and each blend rests in a hand crafted crystal bottle.

Each of these blends is a bespoke, handcrafted one-off – they’ve been through no bottling plant. Given the care and attention lavished on the creation of these ten remarkable blends, the question seems to reside – who could possibly design and build something worthy to hold this bespoke collection? The answer – we had to dig deep into the earth and search across the country for rare materials and the finest British craftsmen: a collaboration between Royal Salute, British Architect Sally Mackereth and Carpentry specialists Jack Badger.