Ruffians Barber Shop


Based in Edinburgh, Ruffians Barber Shop was built out of the owners frustration of being unable to get a haircut in a place where a Gentleman would receive good skilled service but in a comfortable, masculine atmosphere. Ruffians is a hybrid, far from being a grubby barber shop where an Ape would receive a boring short back and sides, it provides cutting edge (excuse the pun) hairstyling but also, in a relaxed and gentlemanly environment. Founder Andrew Cannon reflects:

I basically thought I could do it better and set about creating an environment and service where I would want to have my hair cut.

Mr Cannon is keen to label Ruffians as a barber shop, because it is for men. Salon is not a term representative of Ruffians, because of its distinctively feminine roots. Ruffians is classical yet innovative in environment and atmosphere. Ruffians have worked hard to build a feeling of confidence, designing the interior with quality materials and thought. It is more about the look and design of the barber shop from the customer perspective, rather than the hairdresser.