Samsonite “The Serious Traveller” Curv Luggage

Creative agency The Full Service, along with photographer and director Rankin, have joined forces with luggage brand Samsonite Travel. The result- a 360° global campaign titled “The Serious Traveller”, featuring dancers, fashion-bloggers, and DJs, actresses, barbers and entrepreneurs) toying with their Samsonite product.


Rankin’s skillset continues to impress and “The Serious Traveller” is no different- it’s a more stripped back approach to hardened luggage adverts, and by doing something different, the campaign effortlessly shows off the innovative technology of Samsonite, we like it.

The award-winning Cosmolite is Samsonite’s best-selling product line in Europe, and is made from Curv® woven material, which is exclusive to Samsonite. Curv technology is used in bullet proof vests, skates and skis- making the Cosmolite seriously robust. This combined with style with unbelievable lightness makes for a formidable cocktail.


Last month, Samsonite launched its most up to date Curv® collection yet- combining the best materials with a contemporary design: Lite-Box. The brand new range is among the lightest and sturdiest in its class. State-of-the-art technology combined with a great deal of attention to detail give the suitcase its key look: a large volume boxy case in a dynamic vertical design with prominent outside corner protections. The interior is a winner too: fully-lined with soft touch premium fabric, the 2 divider pads and in height-adjustable cross ribbons (top and bottom).