Sena Cases

Are you an Apple fan? The chances are the answer is yes. The Ape to Gentleman office could pass for an Apple store, including multiple iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacBook Airs and more. For us, the question is not which devices to use but what to clothe and protect them with.

The answer is a Sena Case – the company founded in 1999 delivers stylish leather accessories for all of your favourite Apple (and other branded) products. Owned and created by brothers Ramsey and Fevzi Oten, grandchildren of an entrepreneur in the leather industry – their attention to detail and quality is there for all to see.

Slim, bulk-free cases crafted with exclusive calfskin genuine Napa leather are form-fitting and a eye-pleasing. Our latest acquisition is the UltraSlim for iPad mini, retailing at a mere $49.99 this super-thin pouch looks and feels great handcrafted in European leather.