Shiseido Total Revitalizer Eye

Conceived in 1872, the Shiseido name has long been synonymous with superbly crafted skincare and grooming products. The overall depth and philosophy behind the brand far outweighs the discernible practice of offering products and services solely – as they proudly attribute culture and lifestyle traits as contributing factors to their noble operations.

Continuously pushing the boundaries for sustainable growth, Shiseido has upped the scientific standards of excellence for the overall well being of today’s modern man. As men age, we tend to produce higher levels of sebum secretion absorbing moisture exponentially quicker. More so, increased exposure to UV rays, pollution and stress rapidly increase the ageing process leaving us in genuine peril.

Coming to our rescue so to speak, Shiseido introduce their culminating formulation – Total Revitalizer Eye.  Inspired by Swiss Hyaluronic Acid injections, Total Revitalizer Eye acts as a multi-faceted eye cream instantaneously addressing problem areas such areas as wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, hydration and sagging.

Packing a laundry list of potent ingredients that aid in our battle against pesky ageing predicaments, Total Revitalizer Eye is specifically tailored to the structure of male skin.  Encouraging the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid in conjunction with Super Bio-Yeast, an anti-ageing ingredient which furthers skin’s cell support structure – increased levels of natural collagen are free to form. The addition of Rosemary extract and Vitamin A Acetate consummate the process ensuring the delicate area surrounding the eyes sustain protection whilst remaining revitalised.

As skin suffers the obligatory stresses of hectic schedules and urban environments, Shiseido’s regenerative formula affords us the prospect to slow down “father time” as we face off with life’s other obstacles.