Manifesting a portfolio that comprises of countless features in prominent print publications as well as eminent endorsements from some of sports most prolific athletes – it comes as a surprise to no one of their swift and communal fame. With noted public figures and regular everyday men alike taking note and buying into the premise of a truly forward thinking brand, Zirh have continued to expand their empire garnering heaps of global adulation.

Amassing in 1995, what founder Brian Robinson envisioned for men’s grooming was a minimalist yet comprehensive head-to-toe skin care line imploring a simplistic, easy to follow regimen. Taking matters into his own hands, Brian decidedly conceived the notion to create his very own product range bringing the Zirh name to fruition.

Utilising only the finest hand-selected ingredients coupled with advanced technological practices, Zirh promises a distinguished collection of state-of-the-art formulations with the quintessential gentleman in mind first and foremost.

Stockpiling various industry and consumer awards along the way, the grooming brand has augmented into a broad range of products aiding in such areas as; facial care, grooming needs, hair & body needs in addition to a burgeoning fragrance line.

With ownership changing hands several times along the beaten path, Brian, able to re-purchase the company has re-established the grass roots mentality it once enjoyed bringing the company full circle – so to speak.