Signs of a Successful Date

Once you’ve done all the leg work and finally secured that date everything seems to fall into place from there. You smell great and your hair is on point, but now the question arises, is she actually into me? It can be hard to tell if she wants you or just doesn’t want to be sat in alone on Friday night with her cat. However everyone shows signs they are enjoying themselves, you may not even notice. Keep an eye out for these first date cues.

Asking Questions

If she actually has any interest in you she’ll want to know more about you. She’ll ask about work, hobbies and family life. If you want to ensure she knows you like her be sure to give detailed answers, avoid one word answers! At the same time don’t turn it into your life story, change it up ask her questions too, let her know your interested.

Ordering more drinks

When a female orders another round of drinks it can mean one of two things, she’s feeling very comfortable and doesn’t mind you seeing her slightly tipsy. It can also allow her to feel a lot more confident, the extra drink and being able to buy a round herself. All good signs. However it could be that she needs more alcohol to get through the rest of the evening. It’s definitely worth waiting for more signs before writing the date off as a success.

Physical contact

Don’t let the word physical confuse you here. She probably won’t grope you under the table, it’s usually a lot subtler than that. Brushing her hand across your leg, touching your arm when you talk and standing closer than usual while at the bar are the biggest give aways.

Asking about where you live

Be aware, asking for your full address and which windows you keep unlocked is not success. You should probably move house. Women do like to think forward though, so if she asks what area you live in, what kind of house/apartment you have or if you live with anyone, she’s probably thinking ahead if that’s the kind of place she would like to visit. Maybe even devising a route home for that evening if it’s a real success. A good way to be sure your reading the signs correct is to suggest a movie night at yours for the following date.

Laughter and blushing

As a rule, your not that funny. You will recognise this when you go from dating into relationship and she doesn’t laugh nearly as much at your dad jokes. Right now however if she likes you, you are transformed to the latest Jimmy Carr. She will laugh at all your jokes and blush like a teenager when you compliment her. Roll with it, the more she laughs the more memorable the date will seem.

Stretching the date

Taking forever to eat her dessert and then ordering coffee afterwards? Suggesting moving to the bar area after a meal? Usually meaning she’s having such a good time she’s not quite ready for the evening to end. She definitely likes you, but she may not be ready to ‘go back to yours for a coffee’ if your not 100% sure i wouldn’t risk it. All in good time. She clearly enjoys your company.