How To Hide Your Hangover

If you feel like death after “accidentally” getting drunk on a work night, there is 99.9% chance you look like death too. Now is not the time to start debating with yourself if that brutal night out with the lads was worth it (It was though) Now is the time to create an action plan.

Let’s be real no one enjoys hangovers, unless your not hungover watching someone who is. To avoid a situation where your smug un-hungover co worker volunteers you to give that important presentation to your boss so they can have a good giggle, try to hide any physical signs of your hangover with these tricks and no one will ever know.

Dark Puffy Eyes

The best solution would be sleep, but as you stumble through your door at 2am and proceed to set your 6:30am alarm you will be so thankful to yourself for buying this product. It immediately decongests (drains) the eye contour, ridding you of puffiness and dark circles. Perfect for hiding the fact you didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night.


Dry Skin

It’s not rocket science to know that when your hungover your entire body is in serious need of water and hydration. Your face will be the biggest give away to just how tired and rough you feel so you should probably take the time to rehydrate it. The Malin+Goetz face detox face mask is brilliant for quickly restoring the skins hydration levels. The 5 minute actively foaming mask uses complex amino acids and natural almond extract to gently and effectively purify the skin.


Tired Skin

After a boozy night out a shower should be top of your priorities. Wake your self up with an invigorating Devils Mint Body Scrub, re-energising and reinvigorating dull and tired looking skin. With an added intoxicating minty aroma any lingering scents of tequila are washed away.


General Tiredness

You feel horrendous in the morning after drinking because the alcohol essentially kills all the goodness with in you. To feel better you need to replenish your body from the previous night. The best thing to do this? An advanced vitality and energy releasing tablet. Wellman Boost can help you to rehydrate after a night out, and provides essential vitamins and minerals, to give you the kick-start you need to face the day ahead! It also makes a great tasting apple and pear flavoured drink: always nice when you wake up with the taste of last nights kebab in your mouth.