National Smile Month

National Smile Month is a campaign, beginning in 1977, that aims to help improve oral health in local communities. Since its creation almost 40 years ago, National Smile Month has helped assist thousands of events and projects, and continues to act as the spearhead campaign for providing organised activities, all which have the ultimate goal of educating people in the importance of oral health.

The National Smile Month team have conducted research to finally prove that a smile is the most important physical attribute when it comes to attraction, second only to personality.

Our brains react to what our body is doing and it can have a knock on affect to our emotions. If we put on a smile, whether we’re genuinely happy or not, our brains will interpret it as happiness and our mood will change accordingly, which in time could have a knock on affect to your personality.

To achieve your perfect smile we recommend:

300 Whitening Crystal Mint Toothpaste by Theodent

Theodent 300, harnessing the power of Rennou, works by growing the individual unit crystals in your enamel. These new crystals are four times larger and stronger than those found in normal enamel. Rennou re-mineralises on contact, and grows new enamel in sheeting layers on the surface of teeth. Theodent 300 activity can be felt after one use.

Pro 6000 Smart Series by Oral-B 

The PRO 6000 Smart Series electric toothbrush performs nearly 48,000 precision movements per minute. It has a round head that mimics the shape of professional cleaning tools, removing 100% more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush.


Mint Mouthwash by Marvis 

Marvis’ mouthwash delivers extraordinary refreshment for the mouth, containing Xylitol and Propolis for total oral hygiene. Intense peppermint aromas carefully blended with soft aromatic herbs leaves the mouth feeling and smell fresh for up to 12 hours.


Sonicare AirFloss Pro by Phillips 

Sonicare AirFloss Pro is clinically proven to improve gum health as much as floss with up to 99.9% plaque removal. By carefully bursting away the plaque that just brushing your teeth may have missed, it helps to prevent cavities from forming in between your teeth.


It is also equally as important to take regular trips to your dentist.

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