Date Right: Hands, Eyes and Lips

Once you get past the first kiss you can be pretty sure that the girl is in to you. The first kiss has the potential to get you a second date or possibly send her running for the hills. If she wants to kiss you, you will see the signs e.g. leaning in close, touching your arms/hands and looking directly at your lips and eyes. The more inviting you are the more likely she is to do these things, even if she doesn’t realise she’s doing them. The key is to ensure you are a “kissable” guy.

Soft Hands

Having soft hands can almost make you seem like a gentler person. Which is important for women to know. It also gives the impression that you know how to, and do look after yourself. The hands are so often neglected, yet they are always on show, keeping your hands moisturised is a winner softness always turns us on.

Madam Eve recommends: Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme by Burt’s Bees


Nice Eyes

She’s looking right into your eyes? She likes you. Dark, sunken eyes, however, don’t exactly scream potential boyfriend. Your eyes can also age you dramatically if they aren’t properly looked after. When a woman looks into your eyes she wants to see all the unspoken words, they eyes are as they say the windows to the soul.

Madam Eve recommends: Firm and Lift Eye Cream by REN



This is pretty self explanatory. If she looks at your lips and see’s dry cracked skin, she won’t want to put her mouth anywhere near them. There’s a stigma around men using lip balms as it is often mistaken as a feminine make up product. However if it can save your date, it may be worth the investment. Not all lip balms are tinted and smell feminine.

Madam Eve recommends: Lip Moisturizer by Malin+Goetz