‘The Gentleman Floris’ Grooming Collection

Floris, the British family perfumers since 1730 based in Jermyn Street, London have combined their expertise in scent with skincare to create ‘The Gentleman Floris’. A range of high quality skincare and grooming products to cater to the tradition of the daily routine. Their approach was to blend science and understanding with craftsmanship and modern practices at their family-owned premises in Devon, England.

The range, comprising 8 new products caters for every aspect of a man’s morning routine from face scrub to post shave moisturising and eye cream, all of which have been infused with the iconic Floris No.89 fragrance- a touch of spicy nutmeg, a floral heart and dominant woody accord of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver at it’s base.

  • BEFORE YOU SHAVE: Face Wash – 150ml £20.00 and Face Scrub – 75ml £22.00.
  • THE SHAVE: Shaving Cream – 100ml, £20.00 Shaving Soap & Bowl – 100ml and £35.00 Shaving Oil – 30ml £25.00.
  • POST SHAVE: Daily Facial Moisturiser – 50ml £35.00, Eye Cream – 15ml £30.00 and Aftershave Balm – 100ml £27.00.

The Gentleman Floris, £20 by FLORIS LONDON