Skin Hydration For Summer

Since the skin contains mostly water, any insignificant amounts of loss in the body’s water volume in a day can lead to problems of mild dehydration in the skin. Dehydrated skin can happen to anyone, even those with severely oily skin. Men tend to suffer worse with dehydration due to thicker skin and regular shaving, in the hot weather it makes it even more important to protect yourself from dehydration. Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit will help you to stay hydrated, however you skin may need a helping hand.

Face Mask

Applied once or twice a week, n hydrating face mask can do wonders for the skin. Cleansing and hydrating deep beneath the surface of the skin. A mask is the best source and boost of water that your skin can get.

Face Wash

Some face washes can strip the skin of it’s natural oils causing further dehydration when exposed to the sun. Using a creamy foam cleanser such as this one irradiates impurities and bacteria from the skin without affecting the natural moisture balance.

Face Serum

When rehydrating your skin less is never more. If you don’t already use a serum as part of your grooming routine you need to start. This lightweight serum works as an intensive moisture-booster, especially when applied before a moisturiser.

Face Moisturiser

Moisturiser may seem like a dead cert for rehydrating skin, however some moisturisers just soothe irritated or dry patches of skin. It is important to check if your moisturiser has hydrating properties, even the best moisturiser out there may not replenish dehydrated skin. This particular one is designed to hydrate and energise skin for a healthier appearance.