Skullcandy launch its Crusher Wireless Headphones

Deeply immersive audio. What is this I hear you ask? This was the same question we asked when introduced to the new Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones. We’ve covered a selection of high end headphones on Ape to Gentleman recently but Park City, Utah-based Skullcandy are taking the audio experience to a whole new level with its new Crusher Wireless.


Ape to Gentleman were invited by Skullcandy to the The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London (which is has now finished) where music producer, Alex Smoke and illustrator, Konx-Om-Pax have created a new immersive audio and visual experience to showcase the Crusher Wireless in action. Alex Smoke has created a new track that Konx-Om-Pax created one-off visuals for that move and flow with the track. Skullcandy created a unique three screen projection experience where we listened to the track through the Skullcandy Crusher headphones whilst surrounded by the visuals that moved and reacted to the track.



The purpose of the immersive experience in Shoreditch was essentially to mix experiences with product launches- a much better way of conveying the qualities of a product. The Crusher Wireless headphone has a stereo haptic bass response that delivers directional bass that you can actually feel and the immersive event allowed us to experience the full potential of Skullcandy’s latest headphone.

The Crusher Wireless in Detail

The Crusher Wireless delivers this immersive and multi-sensory experience via Bluetooth functionality, a customisable haptic experience through adjustable bass controls, noise-isolating fit, elevated audio quality from dual, custom-tuned audio drivers, built-in microphone, track and volume controls, and a handsome aesthetic, including memory foam cushions and travel-friendly collapsible design.


The standout detail here though is the adjustable Stereo Haptic Bass- which is bass you can feel, being transmitted to each side of the headphone for true, left and right variable bass. It’s easily varied by a slider on the headphones- depending on how much bass you feel like injecting into your music on any given day. This combined with the noise-isolating fit delivers a truly immersive experience- no outside distractions but plenty of ‘feel’ within the headphones and not forgetting some seriously high quality sound.


Skullcandy claim 40 hours of wireless connectivity and in honesty, we achieved this- something many wireless headphones fail at. The wireless connectivity also provides device-free control over music and calls, meaning no more taking your iPhone out of your pocket after every song.


We must also note that in the all-black colour-way they look superb- subtly stylish. The Crusher Wireless are also available in Gray/Tan if that colour-way is your preference.

A word from Alex Smoke

We were fortunate enough to speak with music producer, Alex Smoke to get some more insight into what he was trying to achieve at the immersive experience.

APE: When creating the new track did you start out with the intention of maximising the ‘show off-ability’ of the Stereo Haptic Bass or did you just create a reasonably appropriate track and work the bass-potential back in?

AS: Well the original brief was to create a track specifically for the headphones so it was designed to accentuate their bass qualities, and contained layers of bass elements. It also had to show off the stereo nature of the phones so a lot of the production time went into creating movement across the stereo field.



Priced at just £149.99 Skullcandy have unleashed a serious piece of headphone kit with the Crusher Wireless, at an super-affordable price-point. Their commitment to great sound, functionality and new immersive listening is clear- the lengths they went to with the Shoreditch popup proves this dedication to a better music experience, one which we welcome and as did we, you’ll benefit from.


Crusher Wireless Headphones, £149.99 from SKULLCANDY