The Sapeurs

Following on from the recent ‘Basketball’ ad by drinks brand Guinness, ‘Sapeurs’ (society of elegant persons of the Congo) continues the ‘Made Of More’ series of  adverts which showcase ordinary people from around the world, who choose to act with extraordinary integrity and character.

The ‘Sapeurs’ is a group of humble and refined gentlemen from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, who have a deep-rooted pride in their aspirational culture. Their life is not defined by occupation or wealth, but by respect, a moral code and a desire to inspire others through their style and attitude. However, it is not the fabric or cost of the suit that counts, it is the worth of the man inside it.

The ‘Sapeurs’ are farmers, taxi drivers, carpenters and labourers, ordinary working men, who fastidiously dress in their unique style.