Son of a Tailor- A Better T-Shirt

The humble t-shirt, simple, smart, casual, universal- worn right, it can look great for almost any occasion. The problem and the key to successful wear- finding one that fits you perfectly. I myself must have close to ten white t-shirts, some cheap, some expensive- none that are a perfect combination of fit, quality and affordability. Enter Son of a Tailor.


A t-shirt from Son of a Tailor is made to order and 100% custom fitted- they carry no stock and have no standard sizes. This methodology allows Son of Tailor to fit each t-shirt to the individual measurements of the customer, as well as providing full transparency down to the first stitch.


The journey starts with customisation- colour, crew or v-neck, classic or folded sleeve, with or without pocket and even your initials. You then move on to the fitting, enter your measurements or the measurements of your favourite t-shirt for an exact, bespoke fit. There is even an intelligent algorithm which can calculate your ideal size by your height, weight, age and shoe size. And finally, free shipping- which is a nice touch.


Son of a Tailor use extra long stapled, 100% organic, Oeko Tex 100 cotton. This raw material is then responsibly and individually printed and cut using vector mapping software, with less waste, better working environments and a more transparent production method.

Pricing (per t-shirt)

  • 1 t-shirt: £42
  • 2-4 t-shirts: £35
  • 5 t-shirts: £28

The end result is a perfect fit guaranteed t-shirt. And if you’re less than 100% satisfied Son of a Tailor will make you a new t-shirt, no questions asked. Take a look at their stylish website below.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.