Not particularly related to male grooming you may ask? No, but Ape to Gentleman is more than just male grooming. We are a champion of invention, sophistication and genius. Today we bring you Spiegelau Beer Glasses, producers of fine beer drinking vessels aimed at meeting demand for appropriate glassware to enhance the appearance, aroma and taste of the ever growing flavourful and diverse beer market.

Apparently beer can be ruined if served in the wrong glass. Poor glassware restricts the release of beers’ delicate aromas making it taste bland and uninteresting, not to mention destruction of the refreshing character of beer and leting the head collapse too soon.

With 500 years of experience and being among the oldest manufacturers of fine blown crystal in the world, Spiegelau have produced four distinct beer glass shapes that support the characteristics of specific beer styles – the Tall Pilsner, the Lager, Beer Tulip and the Wheat Beer.  Each Spiegelau beer glass is specially designed into shapes to support beer in releasing its full spectrum of flavors, delivering them to the nose and mouth.

The use of an unusually pure mineral source of raw quartz silica from the Dorfner mine in Spiegelau, Germany means purity and smoothness of the glass is evident in the incredible lightness and delicate feel. Each glass is thin blown for better mouth feel, taste and beer temperature maintenance. The Platinum Glass process eliminates any impurities, removes all imperfections and inconsistencies whilst maintaining excellent strength and durability – German craftsmanship at its finest!

The Tall Pilsner

  • Thinner  walls and rounded shape maintain proper beer temperature longer
  • Slender shape enhances hops aroma and bitterness
  • Sustains head retention and carbonation

Larger Glass

  • Hop aromas are well balanced by the open shaped design of glass
  • Narrow base that broadens to a wide mouth showcases the color, clarity and carbonation

Beer Tulip

  • While capturing the head and enhancing the volatiles, flared lip delivers beer to front of the tongue where sweetness (malt) is best tasted
  • Large bowl preserves aromas, while narrow top supports head retention

Wheat Beer Glass

  • Height allows for high carbonation and thick frothy head
  • Bowed shape and wide opening highlights the yeasty, fruity and phenol aromas

Price: $49.00 for the (4 glasses) Beer Connoisseur Kit and for more information visit