Autumn/Winter 2023’s Statement Fashion Trends For Men (And How To Pull Them Off)

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We’re big on the concept of timeless style, but it’d be silly to act like trends aren’t important. Sure there are pieces that retain their cool over decades, but trends are what keep things interesting. Every so-called ‘timeless’ garment out there started its life as a new trend at some stage, so it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse if you don’t want to get left behind.

The good thing about trends is that you can cherry-pick the ones you like and incorporate them into your everyday outfits. This way you can stay true to your personal style while still keeping up with the changing times. Even better if they’re statement trends that create a nice focal point within your look.

This autumn/winter there are plenty of statement trends doing the rounds. But before you head out and buy yourself a pair of Ugg boots or hot-pink Crocs, we’d encourage you to have a flick through this carefully curated rundown of the ones worth knowing, and hopefully you can minimise the retrospective cringe factor in years to come.

From mohair to mules, here’s what you need to know.

Hairy Knitwear

Fuzzy cardigans are the winter statement trend that just won’t die. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. Not only are mohair knits cosy and soft, they’re also perfect for bringing a unique touch of texture to your cold-weather outfits.

Mohair cardis – particularly in dark and earthy tones, or featuring moody floral patterns – have been returning every year for almost half a decade now. At this point, it’s a pretty safe buy. The trend has its roots in the early 1990s grunge scene, so it pairs well with similarly dishevelled pieces like distressed denim and flannel shirts.

Check out Needles, Beams Plus, Missoni and Stüssy for some of the best options this season.

Big Outerwear

For such historically trend-proof garments, massive overcoats are trending pretty hard right now. These knee-grazing top layers are perfect for throwing on over anything and everything and are brilliant for dressing loungewear or athleisure-leaning pieces up.

For classic cool, nothing beats a wool overcoat in camel, but if you want to ramp up the statement factor you could go for a patterned houndstooth, herringbone or tweed fabric instead.

Just make sure it’s thick, loose fitting and has plenty of room for layering.

Baggy Jeans

If you want to blend in with the Gen Z crowd, you’re going to want to ditch the sprayed-on denim and go for something looser instead. Look around and you’ll notice that a lot of Y2K styles are coming back in a big way, and baggy jeans are perhaps the biggest example.

Now, we’re not saying you should go and dust off your shoe-swallowing JNCOs, but going for something that’s roomy in the seat and thigh with a slight taper is a good way to bring your legwear game up to date.

We’d suggest making sure the rest of your outfit fits fairly relaxed too in order to keep things balanced.

Silk Scarves

Sometimes an outfit just needs that extra something to make it pop, and a silk scarf is exactly that. In a nice patterned design, one of these things can completely alter a simple outfit, making something as basic as jeans, a button-up shirt and loafers look rakish, quirky and intentional.

You can wear it draped around the neck or loosely tied with a slightly unbuttoned shirt and tucked into a blazer or jacket.

Drake’s makes some of the best options out there, so they should be your first port of call.

Bold Tailoring

Tailoring is taking a trip back to the nineties, but not at the expense of a good fit. Boxy, shapeless jackets are thankfully not staging a comeback, but throwback elements like big lapels and slightly oversized cuts are.

This type of tailoring is going to be perfect for any winter weddings you have on the calendar, so ditch the form-hugging slim-fit suit and pick up something roomier instead.

Distressed Denim

It’s safe to say we reached peak distressed denim in the mid-2010s. There was a point where jeans were becoming more holes than fabric until the whole thing collapsed in on itself and we went back to complete coverage once again.

Now, with the grunge trend spreading into all corners of menswear, the odd rip, tear or scuff is beginning to creep in once again. But this is a trend it’s easy to get wrong. Cheap, artificially distressed denim looks like cheap, artificially distressed denim. It may seem counterintuitive to spend a good chunk of money on jeans with holes in them, but if you want the look instantly, that’s what you’ll need to do.

Even better than that, hit up a few thrift shops to get the real deal at a fraction of the price.

Heavy Shades

Forget about thin wire frames. For autumn/winter 2023, it’s all about chunky acetate. Bold sunglasses with nice thick rims are great for framing the face and adding a statement element to your outfits. Even better if they’re paired with a lightly tinted gradient lens.

If you’re feeling really bold you could go for a nice semi-transparent lens in a rich red or blue. A few brands we like are Moscot, Oliver Peoples and Cutler & Gross. Or check out Ace & Tate, Cubitts and Warby Parker for some slightly more affordable options.

Chunky Loafers

The loafer is one of our favourite types of footwear. It’s smart yet relaxed, easy to slip on and off, and it goes with a good 90 per cent of casual, smart-casual and tailored outfits. Unfortunately, it’s not the best shoe for the colder, wetter months, but a chunky commando sole can definitely help.

Over the last few years, chunky loafers have been taking off. We can understand why some people may not be on board. After all, a big part of this shoe’s appeal is its low-profile silhouette, but if you’re open to a bit of extra bulk in your life, there’s no reason not to enjoy the look of loafers all year round.

Try G.H. Bass, Yuketen and Grenson for some solid options.

Grunge Revival

A big overarching trend this season is the return of many of the scruffy, loose-fitting pieces that defined the grunge movement of the early 1990s. We’re talking unbuttoned flannels, slouchy cardigans, ripped jeans and generally anything casual or workwear-related that’s a bit rough around the edges.

Now, we’re not saying you should deck yourself out in full Kurt Cobain cosplay, but adding the odd grunge-inspired piece into your seasonal outfits is a good way to keep your wardrobe up to date.

Plus, the vast majority of grungy pieces are super easy to wear. Take a plaid flannel for example – it’s great for layering, goes with everything and you can keep wearing it long after winter has ended. Try styling one open over a Breton top with straight-leg jeans in a light wash and a pair of Converse.

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