Stijl Cycles

Stijl Cycles — meaning “style cycles” in Dutch — is an offshoot of Tektonics Design Group, founded in 2003.

The owner of Stijl Cycles, builds all the custom-made bicycles for his clients himself. Stijl builds frames for a wide range of cyclists including race teams, mountain and road bike enthusiasts, professional trials riders, and Cirque de Soleil performers.

Avid cyclists from all over the country are discovering that every piece of the bike contributes to a unique whole and they are now willing to pay premium for a bike designed just for them.

Customised to fit your body and riding style, the bikes help you to achieve your peak performance.

Incredibly designed the bikes have cutting edge functionality and hand crafted detail, the bikes take on a unique aesthetic that embraces both the traditional and modern design fabrication techniques.