Golf has always been considered a game for gentleman, but it seems that the modern gent has added a different ‘slant’ to the sport. This new renegade version of golf has taken a while to really catch fire, but it seems it has found its home in Paris with “Le 19eme trou” (the 19th Hole)

Street Golf (Urban Golf) surfaced in Germany in the 90s and within five years it had crossed the Channel to the UK.  It wasn’t until the early 2000s, that streetgolf emerged in the French media, and in 2005 Le 19eme trou was born, created by a group of friends, Sandrine, Sköyp, Bastien, Kevin and Pierrick. The team is now composed of five active members, Sköyp Paulo, Hobz, Matthew and Ben.

This led to the development of Street Golf in the rest of Europe (Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Portugal) and even as far as the United States.

So what exactly is Street Golf? Well as the name suggests, it’s golf played in the streets. The Urban world is your golf course, and the pre-ordained holes can be anything from gutters to cracks in walls – your imagination creates the course. Traditional hard golf balls have been replace with a new softer ball to avoid any inevitable mishaps with the ball hitting glass, and more importantly, pedestrians.

According to Le 19eme trou’s website (translated from French) “The streetgolf is a spirit of freedom that is appropriate to an activity that seems unattainable (cost of registration, access to land, etc.) In short, hit the ball where you want, whenever you want.”

They hold tournaments too; the PPTMC’ 10 (Tour Paris Masters Classic’10) is to be held on the 22nd May and you can register on their website – visit in the “event” and download the registration form.

It seems the modern gentleman has more guises than we initially thought…

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