These Tough, Durable And Fully-Functional Bags Are Built To Last A Lifetime

You don’t know how important quality bags are until you really need them. And trust us, you don’t want to discover the real-life definition of a bad rucksack or holdall on the move. Broken straps, misleading material properties, weak fastenings and mysterious holes are features that we’ve experienced first-hand on the road. The last thing you want to learn is that ‘waterproof’ isn’t actually waterproof on a 12-mile rainforest hike four days into a trip.

Toughness, Durability And Functionality

Stubble & Co are a British brand making tough, durable and fully-functionable bags. They’re built to look good, they’re built to last and they’re built for every aspect of travel – whether you’re motorbiking along the mountainous, grassy steppe of Mongolia or you’re trying to navigate the 5pm rush hour in the sticky heat of the city.

The brand’s aim is to craft bags that make travelling as easy as possible. By no means an easy feat. Waterproofed exteriors, ergonomically-designed cores… each feature has been agonisingly thought out, down to every strap and panel.

It’s an ethos that culminates in a go-anywhere, do-anything rucksack or holdall. This is design for the travel-obsessed, by the travel-obsessed.

Sustainability At The Core

A love and passion for travel is what inspires Stubble & Co’s sustainability focus. The brand upholds ethical and sustainable practise at every stage of its process: products made of recycled plastics, an in-house repair service, offsetting its transportation carbon footprint, a BSCI-credited supply chain and ensuring all its packaging is 100% recyclable are just a few of the ways the brand are ensuring a sustainable approach.

But the core of this approach is producing a bag you want to keep forever and will last for as long as possible. If life happens – which let’s face it, it does – they’ll fix it in their London repair shop. Repairs are usually free, highlighting Stubble & Co’s confidence in the product. For the brand this is just the start of their sustainable journey.

Confidence In The Product

The bags don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk, hike the hike and ride the ride. With a range that includes eight pieces as well as a storm cover, they’re firmly in the slow fashion camp. The selection covers everything you might need when it comes to a bag.

The Backpack (£95) is a classic rucksack that’s all about dynamic functionality. Available in timeless colourways with an emphasis on earthy shades to mask signs of wear, their work and play backpack boasts a magnetic top cover fastening for easy access and a drawstring closure under the cover.

Two perfectly-sized pockets on the side offer umbrella and water bottle storage while a high-density 15″ laptop sleeve ensures electronic safety inside., making this a bag that’s as at home on the daily commute as it is a weekend ramble.

The other bags follow the same brief. The Roll Top (£105) is a waterproof daily carrier featuring sealed seams, waterproof zips, reflective logos and a considered compartment system that makes it an ideal option for weather-proof adventuring and cycling.

There’s also gym and weekend options in the form of The Everyday (£135) and The Weekender (£155), respectively, as well as a luxe comfort commuter bag, The Commuter (£115), which offers the sleek aesthetic of a premium rucksack with the outdoor functionality of a technical piece.

Finally, The Adventure Bag (£185) is an example of the brand at the peak of their powers. Made from recycled plastic, the 42L capacity bag is built to be as light as possible with a shape and size made for carry-on luggage, aided by the lack of rigid parts.

With a 16″ laptop sleeve, card pocket for on-the-go access, shoe compartment, clam shell for easy packing and compression straps, it’s a bag made by people who truly understand travelling.

If you’re searching for a bag to accompany you on your next adventure, look no further. Stubble & Co understand travel and they’ve created bags that showcase an understanding of what it means to be on the move.

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