A Gentleman’s Guide to Making a Toast

Good Health! Chin Chin! Cheers! Across the planet there are varying continents, countries, cultures and languages but one tradition which remains constant is making a toast. Despite local variations, each…
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Sponsored Video: The Art of Seduction

The day after Valentines it’s natural to feel slight perturbed at your plight of singledom, but use this feeling as motivation for you not to be in a similar position…
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Spas: A Gift To Tourself

There has been an emphasis on ‘spas’ on Ape to Gentleman over the last few weeks, partly because given the current climate more effective modes of relaxation are called for, and…
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Mr Natty – How to use Moustache Wax

From the enigmatic and quirky Mr Natty comes a Step-by-Step guide on how to apply moustache wax and get the optimum amount of ‘Twizzle’. The Mr Natty special formula Twizzle…
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L’Oreal Men Expert: Ask the Expert

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a promotion[1. Sponsored Post] for a fine Belgian beer, or an expensive whiskey, but it soon becomes apparent that it is…
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