Your favourite wool/ cashmere overcoat, suit trousers and or blazer- investment pieces, no doubt of value and almost certainly not items of clothing you want to wash frequently. A run of colour, a loss of shape or worse are all perils of the washing machine or dry cleaner. So how to maintain a dirt, dust and hair free wardrobe? A lint roller? No. It’s time to invest in a good quality clothes brush.

Often made with boar hair, velvet or soft synthetic material you can remove surface dirt, dust and freshen items before returning them to your wardrobe. Perfect for reinvigorating clothes whilst travelling or items not worn since last season.

It’s wise to brush with firm sweeping movements, never scrub, a strong flick is allowed. A clothes brush is primarily used for cleaning surface debris but for anything deeper dampen the brush first, again don’t scrub- this might remove colour or worse, fabric.

The Rolls Royce

The master of brushes and combs; Kent Brushes delivers a first class clothes brush with their CP6 Clothes Brush. Hand crafted in mahogany with black and white soft bristle it is ideal for gently removing hair and fluff from delicate clothes, such as Cashmere, without damaging the material.

£25.00 >

The Traveller

Another offering from Kent Brushes, the CG1 is made from Cherry wood and pure black bristle. It’s a little firmer than the CP6 making it ideal for less delicate fabric. It’s a great all round clothes brush and suitably sized for the travelling man.

£19.00 >

More Than Clothing

The pearwood-handled Clothing & Upholstery Brush from New York based brand The Laundress has been somewhat targeted at Ape’s versus Gentleman, by marketing a brush not just for your clothing but for upholstery too. An all rounder. Like we’d buy two brushes anyway, and this pig-bristle brush is built to last a lifetime- or at least as long as this years spring/ summer collection.

£55.00 >