The DSW Chair

Simplicity is invariably the key when it comes to furniture design and this is a principal that the American designer, Charles Eames, knew only too well. The embodiment of his endeavours to create highly functional and striking, yet devilishly simplistic, pieces of designer furniture can surely be found with the understated but luxurious Charles Eames DSW chair.

This wonderfully simple but brilliantly conceived piece of designer furniture was Eames’ entry for a low-cost furniture competition being run by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 1948 and, such was the impression it made, that the piece is still on display on the shelves of the museum. Principally designed for use in dining rooms, there is a distinctly modern feel to this eye-catching DSW chair and it is hard to believe that it was conceived over half a century ago and was, in fact, the first industrially manufactured plastic chair.

Bold, stylish and simple, the Charles Eames DSW chair is the sort of benchmark by which other furniture designers measure themselves and, given that it is just as popular today as it was over five decades ago, is an excellent measure of the man and goes to show that Charles Eames is rightly considered an institution in the world of furniture design.