The Glenfiddich Gallery

It’s Burns Night, and time to celebrate the life and works of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. An evening of great merriment lies ahead, where copious consumption of Scottish cuisine will take place, also making the perfect opportunity to enjoy a dram or two of your favourite Scotch. For whisky lovers searching for something new to sample, the opportunity is now a few clicks away in the form of the Glenfiddich Gallery.

Set-up by the famous distillery, the Glenfiddich Gallery is an online destination that gives buyers the chance to purchase rare and unreleased single malts from the rich private collection of whiskies that lie in the distillery’s warehouses.

Giving access to their most exclusive expressions, visitors will be able to peruse a selection of prestigious malts that have been finished in an assortment of different casks lending each available whisky a distinctive flavour. Visitors can either browse the entire range to find their ideal expression or compile a personalised shortlist based on their taste preferences.

Buyers can also choose from a bespoke range of colours for their packaging, adding their own text, and an engraved copper plaque to further personalise their selection.

The Glenfiddich Gallery provides an ideal opportunity for whisky connoisseurs to explore the exclusive expressions available from Glenfiddich and discover the variety and richness of rare whiskies from one of Scotland’s famous distilleries. With Burns Night upon us, now is the perfect time to find something noteworthy to add to your glass as you raise a toast to Mr Robert Burns, another fine product of Scotland.