Chinese New Year at HKK

Launching this week at fine-dining Chinese restaurant HKK, comes a new ten course tasting menu that takes diners on a sensory journey through the varied regional cuisines of China via an innovative selection of immaculately prepared dishes.

The contemporary interior of HKK

This culinary journey through China takes in the eight regional styles of the country in a menu that is as well considered as the ingredients within each dish. Carefully devised by Chef Tong Chee Hwee, Executive Head Chef for the Hakkasan Group, each course has been prepared according to the ancient cooking techniques of the region that inspired it, enabling diners to experience a complex range of distinctive flavours in one meal.

The menu starts with Duke of Berkshire pork with Osmanthus wine jelly prepared in the style of Su Cuisine from the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu, typically identified by the inclusion of meaty soups and broths to enhance flavour. Rich and hearty in a single small bite, the tender pork of the dish is complimented by the sweetness of vibrant micro herbs and the decadent lingering flavour of truffle.

Marinated Duke of Berkshire pork with Osmanthus wine jelly

With each dish comes a different collection of distinctive flavours, allowing each to stand on their own, yet also blend harmoniously with one other throughout the meal. For western palettes unfamiliar with China’s varied regional flavours, the menu is an ideal opportunity to explore the country’s diverse offerings. From the crispy skin of HKK’s signature cherry wood roasted Peking duck, to the pastry-encased sweet king crab within the Yue Cuisine inspired dim sum trilogy, the textures and flavours throughout the menu are superb.

Dim sum trilogy

Dishes like the braised King soy Wagyu beef with Merlot, and the unique dessert of sheep’s milk mousse with pandan curd and caramelised rice might stand out, but the overall concept and experience of the tasting menu in its entirety is the real success. Whilst the food is exceptional, we also strongly recommend enjoying the wine pairing alongside the meal, allowing you to sample a selection of drinks including the Chinese spirit baijiu within the perfectly balanced Yáng Walker cocktail.

Sheep’s milk mousse, pandan curd and caramelised puff rice

In the tradition of gifting typical of Chinese New Year, each diner enjoying the tasting menu will receive the gift of a hand illustrated menu detailing their journey through China’s cuisine as a souvenir of their visit. An ideal memento of this well executed experience.

The limited edition Chinese New Year menu is available at HKK until February 28th priced £98 per person.