The Indian Maharadja


With the remarkable success of London 2012 still shining brightly in our minds and specifically for me the memorable progression of both GB (field) hockey teams, the emergence of a new hockey brand was too great a temptation not to review – introducing The Indian Maharadja.

The Indian Maharadja is a dutch hockey brand originating from the 1980’s which more than 20 years later has been given a new lease of life, thanks to two Dutch brothers of the van Lith family.

Most striking is the design of each stick, simple but with a strong, understated style. Unique in appearance and also in name, for example:

The ‘Jhuknaa’ named sticks mean ‘bow’ in Urdu, the language of the Maharadja’s.

Handsome branding and exotic name tags are one thing but The Indian Maharadja’s success will ultimately depend on the performance of their sticks…


  • Stick: Golden Sword Jhuknaa.
  • Length: 37.5 inches.
  • Weight: 550 grams.
  • Balance point: 37.
  • Carbon content: 85%.
  • Bow: ‘Early’ aka Low, 25mm.
  • RRP: £200.

Playing with the Golden Sword Jhuknaa for the first time, it was instantly apparent that the van Lith brothers are hockey players – the ‘touch’ of the stick is precise, the right mix of power with necessary feedback for skill.

The balance point is slighly below the middle of the stick, delivering a notable natural feel when dribbling. A carbon content of 85% allowed for significant power when striking the ball.

The ‘early’ bow, lower down the stick allowed for easy and accurate reverse hitting of the ball.


The Indian Maharadja has shaken up the hockey world by introducing a collection of sticks with strong branding and equally good build quality – both the result of meticulous attention to detail. Delivering this kind of precision will ensure the popularity and longevity of The Indian Maharadja.

Recommended for any hockey playing Gentleman.

The Indian Maharadja hockey sticks and accessories are now available in the UK c/o the Seddon brothers.

Official Dutch website:

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