The Room: Bedroom

The Room is an Ape to Gentleman Features Series focusing on lifestyle and the necessary elements that make up the varied spaces we inhabit. Looking to products that demonstrate a timeless quality and practical functionality, we present concise selections that will ensure the function of each room is met using items that make living simple and enjoyable.  With each feature, a specific room will be selected as the focus of our attention, building a resource of desirable goods to collect. May we also recommend additional Ape to Gentleman series The Shelf (Grooming) and The Rail (Fashion) to meet your other requirements.

The Room: Bedroom

A productive days work follows a good nights sleep, and the bedroom should be a place to rest and recover in peace, free from distractions. With this is mind we present a paired back selection for the bedroom comprised of an elegant wooden bed frame, high quality bed linen and a suitable detergent for a fresh arrival at night. We recommend combining these suggestions with bedding appropriate for the climate and a mattress and pillows that suit your preference for support.

The attractive Companions Bed from Studio Ilse comes in chestnut or walnut and is available with either a matte or oiled finish. Copper feet finish off the design. Prices start at £3270. For further information contact [email protected].

A bed should never look too neat, and the high quality linen bedding from Volga Linen will add a casually crumpled quality to proceedings. Prices start at £265 for double Duvet covers and £45 for Pillowcases. Available online from


Using the same notes as his Aqua Universalis fragrance, this detergent and fabric softener from Francis Kurkdjian cleans effectively and will imbue bedding with a pleasant residual aroma. Aqua Universalis Detergent and Fabric Softener both £32 available from Liberty.