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When it comes to the grooming ritual, and shaving in particular, there are a number of different approaches a man can take. While some see the process as an area where tradition and relaxation reign supreme, there are others who bring an element of calculated science. In this respect, quality is paramount and consistency is key – that’s where Hommage come in.

Launched in 2005, the brand doesn’t boast an extensive history. In some ways though, this works to their advantage – the company’s look, from the logo to the design of its products, is somewhat of a departure from the traditional aesthetic of many others in this space.

ape_1921It’s clear that this more modern approach has allowed Hommage to access a wide field of options when it comes to the quality of design in their shave kits. Their website reads “Hommage is a brand for men who know that diligent research, exploration and fine tuning bring convincible results”, and this scientific, methodical approach is evidenced in their products.


For instance, their skincare range comes courtesy of Rohto, a Japanese pharmaceutical company that has been in business for over 115 years, providing advances in restoring damaged cells due to shaving, anti-inflammation and skin rejuvenation. Their razor blades were selected in partnership with another Japanese brand, Feather, who over their 100 year history have created steel swords for the Samurai warriors of the Emperor of Japan.

German design is another key element to the brand’s grooming ethos, and as their Chief Design Officer, Wolfgang Joennson provided the ergonomics behind their grooming accessories and skincare packaging.


One way to bring about the “convincible results” that Hommage speak of in any grooming routine is to stay consistent over a period of time. For this reason, a number of shaving and skincare plans are available to be delivered to your door at regular intervals. Their Premium ShaveCare Replenishment Plan, for instance, includes six products delivered every 60 days, ensuring a complete, regular shaving routine.


A company that appears to value provable quality above all else, Hommage give a refreshing new perspective to the grooming process. Seeing things through an almost purely scientific lens in order to achieve results, it’s a brand truly fit for the modern gentleman.

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Jack Lenton

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