The Shelf: Detox Solutions

Symptoms that the skin is in need of a deep cleaning detox can range from breakouts, irritation, redness and inflammation, to excessive dryness, oiliness, and premature aging . As you partake in everyday life you skin soaks up all kinds of harmful toxins. The things you touch, eat and the air you breath, can all contribute to damaging the skin. It is important that every so often you take some time to detox the skin – ensuring your pores are unclogged and free from all toxins.

Malin+Goetz – Detox Face Mask

Amino acids and natural almond extract are expertly blended together creating Malin+Goetz gentle and purifying detox face mask. Using stable vitamin c, antioxidant vitamin e and soy protein, it firms and addresses any signs of ageing.The mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive due to it’s delicate ingredients and natural fragrance/colour. With no harsh detergents, only oxygenating cleaning agents, it lifts dirt and oil away from the skin, creating a physical barrier to seal in hydration without leaving an oily residue.

Detox Face Mask, £32 by MALIN+GOETZ

Polaar – Icy Magic

Extremely popular – Icy Magic from Polaar has been formulated for optimum results. A smooth and refreshed look, comes in the form of a hydrating eye roll on. It immediately decongests eye contour ridding the eyes of,  puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue. Naturally enriched with micro-nutriments, to boost vitality, tonicity and eye contour radiance, it is an excellent skin detox.

Icy Magic, £27 by POLAAR

Molton Brown – Black Peppercorn Body Wash

Formerly known as Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash, this rousing body wash is a modern Molton Brown icon, firing up the senses in an instant. Blended with Black Peppercorn Oil, the body wash is rich in antioxidants to help combat skin-damaging free radicals –  other ingredients include fragrant Bergamot Oil which provides a bitter citrus note similar to Earl Grey Tea. A green, woody note is delivered by Oakmoss, offering an invigorating refreshing wash.

Black Peppercorn Body Wash, £20 by MOLTON BROWN