The Shelf: Foot Care

As the summer approaches it’s time to consider shoes without socks, sandals and the beach. All of which are fine, great in fact – however, the condition of your feet may not be. Nails in need of a trim, unsightly dry skin and general poor condition are factors which can make a gentleman uncomfortable when revealing their feet.

Beside visiting your local salon for a pedicure, there are some simple at-home preparations you can take leading up to the big reveal. From toe clippers and foot cream, to cooling foot gel and scrubs- there’s a cure for most unsightly propositions with Ape’s foot care guide.


Long, curling and unclean nails are less than easy on the eye, but can be easily cured with a pair of good nail scissors or clippers. Importantly, remember to trim your toenails straight across, never at an angle or down the edges or you may encounter painful ingrown toenails. In between clipping, for those who wish to go the extra mile, include a nail brush for regular cleansing.


Recommended:  G.E.A.R Precision Toenail Clipper, £14.95 by TWEEZERMAN


Cleaning your feet regularly, be it in the shower or bath – then drying thoroughly, especially after exercise or excessive sweating is essential and basic hygiene. It will help keep them clean, thus preventing irritation and potential fungal infections such as athletes foot. To remove dead, hard skin and calluses mainly from the base of the foot, around the toe nails and heals, you can use a pumice stone, foot file or scrub regularly. This will improve the look and feel of your feet no end.


Recommended: Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub, £14.75 by ANTHONY


Like the skin on the rest of your body, your feed need nourishment too. Use a foot balm or foot cream containing moisturising ingredients to keep skin soft, supple and looking its best. It’s worth remembering; if your feet still look dry and cracked after moisturising it could be a fungal/ athletes foot – in which case, consult your GP.


Recommended: Coconut Foot Creme, £12.99 by BURT’S BEES


Gentleman who are regularly on their feet will be only too aware of hot, tired feet and calves. Fortunately there are a selection of cooling foot gels available today, the perfect remedy upon returning home after pacing the streets of your local city. Great for those who regularly suffer with sweaty feet prone to odour.


Recommended: Foot Recovery Gel, £23.50 by VITAMAN – made with anti-microbial and antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, cooling Menthol and soothing Grass Lilly Extract from the Australian natural bush. Applied to clean, dry feet you can expect a cool and soothing sensation, which deodorises, hydrates and moisturises. It’s anti-microbial and antibacterial properties will help to heal small cuts and abrasions, and precent athletes foot.