Philips Styleshaver

2013 has seen facial hair reemerge as major trend, with many of the leaders in style and fashion supporting varying lengths of beard. With a greater emphasis on refinement the demand from the consumer has changed from a traditional styling combination of razor and basic electric clippers. In response Philips have introduced the cordless Styleshaver, an innovative 3-in-1 styler, allowing the user to achieve their desired style without the need for numerous tools.

The Philips Styleshaver’s double-headed design allows the user to switch between the styling end and the foil shaver. Incorporating a 12 setting zoom wheel, your desired length is easily maintained. Extra fine detailing is catered for through the precision trimmer, housed on a narrow neck for visibility – perfect for harder to reach areas such as the philtrum (middle area of the upper lip).

The dual foil shaver’s straight cutting edge delivers a close shave that follows the contours of the face and the neck. This, when combined with the mid trimmer, allows the creation of the clean shaved look even after a few days of growth.

100% waterproof and with variable length beard comb, the Styleshaver can be used quickly and easily anyway – it’s one of the best beard trimmers (and m0re) we have come across here at Ape to Gentleman.