Theodent Toothpaste- A Game Changer

Trying to disrupt an industry is often only possible with an invention of something completely new. Sure, a cheaper offering will penetrate the market- but often it lacks in quality. People are also brand loyal, particularly in the toothpaste market- where today’s feature takes us.

The topic of conversation is a substance called theobromine, which in the 1980s was found to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel by Doctor Tetsu Nakamoto. It took Nakamoto who is a dentist with a PhD in nutrition from MIT years of groundbreaking scientific research to discover that this substance found in chocolate improves the condition of your teeth.

Following on from he discovery, were years of clinical trials and eventually- Nakamoto was awarded a patent for his unique ingredients; Rennou. The crux of the game changer; Theodent, the toothpaste brand created with Rennou inside is fluoride-free, meaning it is completely non-toxic compared to traditional fluoride toothpastes, of which the majority of toothpastes are. It’s now manufactured in the United States in an FDA inspected and registered facility, to the highest standards.

Dr. Sadeghpour, Nakamoto’s business partner, completed his doctoral thesis on this ground breaking technology by comparing Rennou head to head with fluoride on human teeth at Tulane University. Both strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel, but Theodent without the toxicity of fluoride. The best part though, the chocolate-mint flavour is delicious (which on a side note is ideal if you have children).


We tried both the Classic and 300 Whitening, and can confirm they are both superb- taste wise, texture wise and formulation wise. The main question we’ll no doubt here you ask is the whitening power, well Classic does a solid job of whitening whereas the 300 is more powerful, but for the expense- we’ll leave you to decide. One thing is for sure, Theodent is staying in our bathrooms from here on in.