In numerical order of supremacy, this list, compiled from customer feedback, popularity, innovation, ingredients, results, price and Ape to Gentleman’s testers displays the Top 10 Shower Gels For Men the men’s grooming world has to offer.

A good shower gel should lather well, smell fantastic (and last), be a good texture, last/ be concentrated, possess quality ingredients, easily dispensed and offer value for money. We expect a lot you say? As always, yes. And why not? Ape to Gentleman brings you their Top 10 shower gels for men, don’t settle for anything less.

*Last updated: 21st February 2017.

1. retaW Body Wash – Fragrance Shampoo for Body and Soul, 300ml

Anything with, “a fragrance for your body and soul” in the product description captures our attention. Combine this with the richest lather you’ve ever seen, special scent, concentrated organic ingredients and you get an incredible ‘Fragrance Shampoo’ aka shower gel.

£26.50 >

2. Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash, 473ml (or 250ml)

From science meets nature experts Malin+Goetz their Rum Body (+ Hand) Wash is designed to gently yet effectively purify and balance all skin types- this foaming cleansing gel synthesises 0.5% fragrant warm Dark Rum EDT fragrance with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Skin is left thoroughly cleanse and hydrated with protein amino acids and natural glycerin. It lather richly and rinses without residue whilst being non0-irritating, drying, or stripping the skin, to help reduce epidermal stress. Available in a variety of other incredible scents too.

£32.00 >

3. Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash, 300ml

No surprises here. A Molton Brown best seller and we can see why – an incredibly manly scent, with a rich lather. Popular amongst many men and the victor of countless awards. The price is more than reasonable when you consider it has a concentrated formula which lasts a long, long time.

£20.00 >

4. Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte Foaming Hand and Body Gel, 300ml

We are never normally keen on fragrance related shower gels, they seem more like an after thought. However, the the original Hermes fragrance, Eau D’Orange Verte which was originally created in 1979 is too good to turn down. Inspired by the intense freshness of lush undergrowth coated in morning dew, Eau D’Orange provides a stand-out sunny fragrance that is well suited to man and woman alike, it lathers superbly and lasts.

£39.00 >

5. Cowshed Bullocks Bracing Body Wash, 300ml

No Parabens, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates, No Artificial Colours, Suitable for Vegetarians- this might not mean much to you but trust me, it’s a good thing. The Cowshed offering from the Soho House group could lather a bit better; it stays creamy rather than foamy (you might prefer this?). The scent is great, very manly and finally I really like the name and bottle design.

£18.00 >

6. Kiehl’s Pour Homme Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser, 250ml

A masculine smelling shower gel from Manhattan’s oldest pharmacy (now part of L’Oreal). A rich texture producing a generous lather.

£15.00 >

7. Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser, 500ml

This low-foaming cleanser- noted for its warm, unorthodox scent derived from the oils of crushed Coriander Seeds and Black Peppercorns- offers a superb cleansing experience that refreshes skin and spirit.

£31.00 >

8. Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash, 355ml

An award-wining 2-in-1 formulation cleanses and conditions hair and body in one step. Made with Eucalyptus to stimulates, Birch Leaf to refresh and Canadian Balsam to soothe skin, this is one serious wake up call during your morning shower!

£22.00 >

9. D R Harris Windsor Head-to-Toe Wash, 250ml

Great for both showering and bathing and can be used to wash the hair as well as the body. Windsor is a fresh fragrance starting with Citrus overtones and maturing into a warm, leathery scent with notes of Black Pepper and Vetyver. The scent is the perfect mix of traditional, understated luxury and fresh, contemporary vibrancy.

£21.95 >

10. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash Bergamot and Pear, 300ml

A super-hydrating shower gel for men with Bergamot and Pear essence. It gently washes away dirt and debris from the body without stripping skin of moisture. Mild cleansers and skin-softening agents keep skin smooth and soft. The Bergamot and Pear essence is a subtle fruity fragrance of bergamot lemon with green pear and cedar wood.

£17.00 >