Top 3: Scents Women Love -Date Night

When your hard at work, we can’t complain if you smell like a working man. Date night however, is a different story. Females are naturally attracted to a good scent. Our senses are the key to arousal, and there’s just something about a man that smells great that makes him irresistible. With so many different smells out there it can be hard for guys to pick a sensual one for date night. Try avoiding summery scents or harsh tones and you should be fine. What you really need though is a female’s perspective, or perhaps 4? We have tried and tested far too many different colognes and chose the Top 3 to drive your woman wild!

Floris Bergamotto Positano

A true summer citrus marine Eau De Parfum with the energy of the wind as it passes through coastal lemon trees, picking up weight and confidence of the spices and amber of the umbrella trees, rooted into the cliff face. Perfect for summer romancing.


Czech & Speake No. 88 Cologne Spray

Distinguished as probably the most sophisticated of our choices. Czech & Speake created an exotic yet woody modern-classic fragrance. Combining reviving and uplifting Bergamot, leading on to the richness and warmth of Geranium and finishing with dry base notes of Vetiver and Sandalwood. A truly intoxicating English scent- for a gentleman.


Tom Ford Noir Extreme

A woody, oriental fragrance, drenched in amber untones- an extraordinarily sexy scent.