Top 3: Summer Trends Women Love

Wearing less clothes isn’t equal to making less effort, so don’t let the sight of the sun send you on the wrong path. Although outfits tend to become simple and lightweight in the summer, you can still look great. 

As always there are many new trends this season and as always there are some truly horrific trends. If your not sure which ones are best to chose we have chosen the Top 3 trends of the summer that women absolutely love to see you wear.

Boat Shoes

As far as casual shoes go in the summer these are definitely a favourite. Lightweight, sensible and stylish they go great with almost every outfit. Be sure to remember, as much as ladies like this look avoid showing socks at all costs! If you really need to wear a pair, it’s a good idea to invest in some no-show socks.


Casual Blazers

Casual blazers all day every day. This look is hot, and not just because Mr. Beckham sports it (though it really helps the cause). A casual blazer works for everything, from a morning in the office to an afternoon coffee date in the sun. Paired with jeans and crewneck top, you’re ready for anything. The ladies really appreciate this look too.


Shorts with a Shirt

A very summer worthy outfit. This look is super laid back and stylish to boot. A trend among men of all ages, this timeless piece is the ultimate smart/casual combination.