Topman Design: Spring/Summer 13

Set in the vast arena of an abandoned car park the highly anticipated Topman Design Spring/Summer 13 show saw the meeting of two cultural divides of early 80’s America. In one corner was the tailored aesthetique of the East Coast and downtown NY, and in the other, the zowie way-out radness of the native West Coast skater. Together, they created a young, fun, energetic and rebellious collection ideal for sunnier seasons ahead.

First up was a range of summer tailoring, featuring loose fit pleat turn up-shorts, cut off jumpsuits and parachute silk parkas in a mixture of greys and multicoloured scribble. To follow was a collection of scoop neck sport style shirts, over-sized mesh tops, knee-length shorts and technicolour trainers. Centre of attention was the brightly coloured oversized American football jerseys paired with matching loose fitted shorts, socks and ankle boots.

Meanwhile, slack fitting jackets replaced the traditional blazer, alongside suede belted bombers, baggy knitted jumpers and printed pleat shorts. Backpacks were also on show (skateboards attatched), whilst footwear visited new extremes with crazy bright trainers and ankle-laced leather cut out brogues in black, white and tangerine.

Billy Webb

Billy is a fashion journalist and stylist.