UMA- mother of life/divine mother and SAN- the meaning of unity and respect; UMASAN is the first and only vegan high fashion label that quenches the thirst of the new health style generation. The vegan label covers ecological and human production processes as well as the natural, sustainable and animal-friendly use of resources.

UMASAN uses innovative vegan fabrics like SeaCell (seaweeds), MicroModal (beech wood) and TENCEL (eucalyptus wood) and more. No animal products, and only humane/ ecological production solutions and fabrics that sustainable and earth conscious. Not using animal products means that there is no wool, cashmere, leather and fur in their collections.

UMASAN uses new shapes which are adjusted to the anatomy and kinesiology of the human being, based on the sophisticated Japanese cutting technique, and is deeply inspired by Traditional Yoga philosophy and its idea of pure life and the conjunction between mind, body and spirit.

 We particularly enjoy the lack of colour explosions, fabric overloads- black, clean, balanced and timelessness